Becoming Your Best Self

This has been EVERYTHING to me. If you're on my personal page, you saw me talk about this the other day. Even so, take this a reminder. Now you've heard it twice and you're accountable.  This is something I had to learn and practice for myself and I can tell you honestly.... this way lies happiness and fulfillment! 

You have an image of your best self in mind. Everyone does. Whether you see yourself as a speaker, an author, a teacher, a student, a wife and mother, a happy husband greeting his family at the door, everyone has a picture in their mind of their best self.

My encouragement to you today is that it is important that you take steps towards that picture every day. I can't stress enough how important that is. For some of you, it is a matter of life and death. Too long operating outside of your ideal image damages EVERYthing in your life. It can lead to health problems, challenges in your spiritual walk, relationship problems and parenting issues. Believe me. I know! It can even lead to depressive states.

Some call it "cognitive dissonance" when you have something YOU KNOW YOU SHOULD BE DOING but you continue to allow yourself not to do it. For example, you KNOW you should launch that business, but you hesitate. You KNOW you should ask that woman out on a date, but you don't. The longer you continue to deny your best self, the more you begin to lose that self.  You begin to slip backwards.  You become frustrated and often don't know why.

Keep taking steps towards who you know you're meant to be. A wonderful added benefit is how great you will begin to feel about yourself and your life once you know you're fighting for progress even in small ways! Go forward! #BabyStepsCountToo #KeepMoving

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