Dreaming of diligence and waking to walk it out...

I love sharing my dreams with you all.  I try to do it while they're fresh so I don't forget the details.  Here's from last night...

I was digging around in my front yard near the sidewalk under some of the decorative bricks that lining the concrete walk. (Why? Who knows? It was a dream.)

Digging. Getting my fingers dirty, I discovered a coin. A penny most likely. And then, finding that penny, I decided to keep digging. I found a dime, a nickel, a quarter, a few more pennies. Another nickel or two. Basically, my digging was guaranteed to be profitable. Every time I stuck my hands into the ground and searched I was going to find something. Pretty cool. Pretty soon my pockets were jingling and beginning to fill. "Why not sit here all day digging up coins?" I thought. There would be no harm in it. I could keep picking up loose change until I had to go inside, right?  After a while, I resolved in my mind that things were pretty good. Dig. Find. Dig.  Find. No worries.

After a while, something curious happened.  I uncovered a coin I didn't recognize. It was large, muddy of course, and covered with strange writing. Odd. Brass most likely. It was a little dull to be gold. Not very heavy for its size either. But certainly large. Yeah. Pretty sure it was brass.  Pretty sure it wasn't from the US.  I couldn't even figure out the language the writing was in let alone translate it.  Interesting.

I washed the mud off and took it to a guy I knew who was an appraiser. I had no expectations. I left it with him and went home. I had a pocket full of coins. My day had gone well, I'd say.

A few days later the man called me back.

"Do you know what this is?"

"No" I replied. Because I didn't.

"Where did you find it?"

"Don't recall.  Somewhere." Lying because I didn't want to tell anybody.

He hung up the phone without any further words.

His reaction made me nervous that he was going to try and steal my new treasure, so I went down to his shop right away and asked for it back. He obliged and handed me the coin which I placed in my jeans pocket - in the left pocket apart from my usual loose change - and left.

The man never told me what the coin was or what it was worth. I never found out. All I know is that as I walked down the street heading home a couple of dealers called me offering to buy it. Even they never made an offer. They simply said they needed it and asked me what I wanted. Clearly my friend had let it slip that I had found something special. To be honest, I was more amused and intrigued than anything. My mind started wondering just how much my find was worth. $10,000? $50,000? $100,000? More? Who knows?! I had no idea, but I didn't begin to allow myself to dream exciting dreams of travel... luxury... debt-free living! Oooooo.... I wonder what this thing is??!!!

Nearly home, I passed by the park. A group of mimes (do mimes perform in groups??) stopped when they saw me walking by and gave me an ovation.  They had heard about my discovery, as well.

That is about when I awoke. I still don't know what I found. All I know is that it was my diligence in mining the small coins that made it possible to find the treasure. That's all I know. 

When I was alert enough to separate dreams from real life, I prayed and thanked God for the renewed encouragement towards diligence. I also prayed that He would help me walk out this lesson in my waking life - that I would not forget the power of diligence. To remind myself, I shared a few notes from my blog with you on my Facebook page this morning. In all transparency, I posted to remind myself as much as to help you, dear reader.  I need us all to remember that...

Diligence uncovers great treasures!  My prayer is for greater diligence. For me and for you.

If you ask me nicely, one day I will share the second lesson I learned from this dream...

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