A Nation of Haters?

When did we become such a nation of haters? I am disappointed in this. That's an understatement! It's sad to me that we used to be a nation of people who aspired to greater. Now we just want to get by, antagonize those who want more for themselves and then try and take what they earn. Jealousy, envy and rivalry have filled the hearts of so many that it's unusual to hear sincere congratulatory statements anymore.

Think about how rare it is to find someone who will celebrate with you. It's more common that people will celebrate when you cry.

Even compliments are too often backhanded - only offered wrapped inside a criticism towards the target or someone else... "You look nice today... unlike that ugly person over there..." or "You look a lot better today than you normally look..." or, as I heard someone say the other day, "Scandal is good.  At least it doesn't suck like... "   I am screaming inside "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST SAY YOU LIKE SCANDAL AND LEAVE IT AT THAT!?!?"

To me the cause is clear. Too much time spent minding other peoples' business and not enough on your own... because you have no business of your own to excite you! You see, it's easy to criticize when you take no chances of your own. And you hurl accusations at others because it hurts your heart to be honest - those criticisms are for you! You're angry with and disappointed in yourself!

Here are the guidelines for my life and my personal circle: I don't spend time with people who can't appreciate others, who can't compliment, who can't care. I won't entertain your comments. You don't have access to my emotions. There are enough of your kind around. I'm sure you can find some company. In the mean time, the rest of us will be making progress towards our visions. I aim on giving people more to envy.

I've noticed how difficult it is for some of us to give sincere compliments consistently. Complaints seem to roll off the tongue a lot easier. "Feedback" will be offered whether requested or not. I'm issuing myself a Live Big Die Empty Challenge today: No complaints, no deprecation; only praise and appreciation. Everyone I encounter today will receive "exuberant edification" instead of constructive criticism. How about you?

It takes nine compliments to undo the damage of one criticism.  How much damage have you been doing to yourself?  To others?  It's time to start healing and building up!

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