7 Ways to Form A "Pack" So You Can Hunt Bigger Game

We've talked before about what each of us can learn from the lion, the king of the jungle. I've got a particular fondness to lions because of a couple of things the scriptures teach us about the nature of these big cats and how we're to emulate them.  We also know that too many of us spend too much time and too much effort for too little result because we try to fight alone. .Here are some things you can do to start forming your own pack and going after bigger game.

#1 - Make a list of all the people who care about the issue. Really care about it.

#2 - Identify two of them to talk to. Set up a breakfast or lunch meeting. Lay out my aspirations to see if they are interested. My goal is to get another meeting with them.

#3 - Brainstorm with the first supporter about a list of (mostly unempowered) targets who might like to get involved. Put together a tight schedule for contacting 5-10 people from that list.

#4 - Start a master file listing all the people that I want involved in the project.

#5 - Never let a chance to brief a co-conspirator or potential co-conspirator pass.  In other words, never pass up a chance to tell your story!

#6 - Find an enthusiast to use the product/service.

#7 - Put this first enthusiast in charge of finding others.

It's as simple as that.  We have to stop trying to do so much alone.  And, for my friends reading this... Yes. I am looking in the mirror right now!

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Great and simple strategy. Sharing this with my inner circle and putting it to use for some things coming in 2014.

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