Man on Fire.

For a lot of you, the only thing separating you from your vision is what the old folks call a "made up mind." You are still "okay" with the possibility of your dream not coming to pass. You haven't yet decided that you will see your vision happen NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES!

Don't fool yourself or over-spiritualize this by arguing that it's all in "God's hands" or up to "the universe" to make it happen. Once he got a vision, do you think Abraham wasn't totally consumed with it? Do you think Paul waivered? NOPE! Neither should you! Solomon said "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might..."

One of my favorite Denzel Washington movies is "Man on Fire" for this very reason. His character, Creasy, is a former assassin hired to protect a family (a little girl) in Mexico City. He swears vengeance on those who committed an unspeakable act against the family he was hired to protect. And when I mean he aims to get his vengeance, that's exactly what I mean! He is determined, focused and relentless! He is on fire!

If you're doing what you've said God told you to do, you should look like the craziest, most obsessed and driven person your friends and family know! Everyone around you should know YOU WILL NEVER QUIT until you've seen what God showed you manifest!

Your thoughts? Are you on fire for something? For someone?

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Once again your post hits home, you are truly blessed with profound insight and wisdom. I look forward to every post!

God bless you real good. This is really inspiring and i am going to get the movie and watch it.

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