Top Ten Ways to Know You Don't Have the Gift of Singleness

I tell people all the time that unless you're circling the globe preaching, teaching and converting people to Christ, you most likely don't have the gift of singleness. Here are some other ways to know!

10. You find yourself wishing you had a hug. Maybe even right now.
9. You like the idea of building a life with another person and being their support.
8. You feel like your family is incomplete...or you want to start one.
7. Netflix on a Friday night is getting old. Really old.
6. You miss having somebody to talk to and pray with at the end of a long day.
5. Hanging out with just your "boys" or "the girls" ain't doing it for you anymore.
4. You know you can contribute more to the kingdom in partnership with another.
3. Trying to remember when you had your last date just pisses you off.
2. You appreciate sharing financial burdens and planning together.
1. You're still screwing...don't plan to stop...or wish you were.

(Because it's virtually impossible to Live Big Die Empty with jacked up relationships.)

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