"That doesn't work for me."

I like it when people are strong and confident enough to tell people where they stand...what they need and prefer out of life. I love it! Of course, there's always a way to say everything, but I won't chase that rabbit right now...

The point to this post is how you can be so forthright in telling others around you what "works" or doesn't work for you, but take so little time to look at your own life and results to have the same conversation with yourself. I do it from time to time whenever I'm feeling like I'm not being as productive as I want to be. I literally pull out a sheet of paper and review what works and what doesn't. It's a reminder to leave unproductive habits (patterns of behavior) in the past and embrace productive ones.

That's a horribly over-exposed picture, but I'm sure you can tell that's my list. As I launch into the second half of my day, I needed a refresher and, by now, you know how much I believe in writing things down. I also need to remember to smile! Be blessed!

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I find that most things "doesn't work for me" are usually just things we haven't worked long enough at. I know not everything works that way, but mostly. If it works for one person, it will work for you. I try to be honest with myself and say "I don't want that bad enough right now." Or, even more honest "This plate of fried food is more important to me right now than my health and being a positive influence to my grandchild to come." Hmm...that kinda of realness makes me laugh at myself and my choices.

I am also not afraid to abandon a bad choice in mid-stream. So keeping with the food analogy, if I order a plate of fried food and then come to my senses when it is delivered, I have no problem apologizing to the waiter, paying for the meal, and then asking for a better choice. I think sticking with a negative pattern because "we are in this deep" might as well go the rest of the way is what cripples us from freeing us from the things that entangle us.

You always have a very different way of looking at things!! Thanks for adding that insight. We can never be afraid to abandon a bad choice.

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