Stop Being Such a Rookie.

Back when I worked in VC, we considered the people who were overly obsessed with "protecting" their ideas to be rookies. It was laughable. In fact, asking someone to sign an NDA was enough to get the meeting cancelled right on the spot!

It wasn't that anybody wanted free reign to "steal" ideas... it's just that good ideas are a dime-a-dozen. Literally. We used to call it the "San Francisco Rule" meaning this: any good idea has eight people thinking the same thing at the same time somewhere in Silicon Valley. If no one else had the idea, it probably sucks.

A lot of people miss important details because they won't talk to smart people about their ideas to make them sharper. They are so secretive that they end of spending months of wasted time when a wise adviser could have saved them all that time.

What's my point? So what someone's copying your idea? Take it as a compliment. The winner will still be the one who builds the best team, creates the best plan and then executes that plan. Focus on execution.

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