You Only Get One Today. Use Wisely.

How well are you using your time so far today? Are you focused on your MOST IMPORTANT tasks instead of just the urgent ones? Here's how you decide what requires your utmost diligence:

URGENT = Make sure it's urgent for you instead of a case of someone else's urgency trying to make its way into your life. Urgency is often emotional. Manage your emotions and slow down. Even the things that feel the most urgent could sometimes benefit from taking the time to step back a moment.

IMPORTANT = You KNOW you need to do it, achieve it, prioritize it. These are the next things to do. Prioritize them and make sure all are handled in order of priority, not preference. This is real diligence. Doing what you must do instead of only doing what you want to do.

URGENT + IMPORTANT = Give these items your TOP focus at the start of the day. Then shift to the important. Some things just have to be done when they have to be done. No mulling it over. Take care of business!!!

I'm not saying you have to be driven to perform every moment of each day.  Rest is an important part of managing your time well.  I just want remind you that you only get this moment once.  Cherish it, value it and use it well.

To your prosperity!

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