Men, Is the Grass Always Greener?

Sometimes the only reason we leave a good and otherwise healthy relationship is because we've bought the hype that something else or SOMEBODY else is going to be better for us. Men fall into that trap all the time. Women, too, but (we) men are so susceptible to visual stimuli that we make that mistake more often, I think. We become so enamored with the way another woman looks at us, flirts with us or strokes our ego that we forget the realities. Everybody has their issues!!

At the same time, we stop appreciating what's good about the woman in our life and focus only on what's bad about her. (Okay, women are bad about this, too! Very bad! I think the main difference is women often have friends reminding them of the bad stuff!) Anyway, we stop appreciate the good and start looking at that lush, green grass across the way and imagining what it would be like to run and play in it!

That reminds me. I love yard work. I really do. I might be one of the few, but there's something about seeing a well-manicured, bright green carpet of grass that really makes me feel good! As I was taking my walk and praying this morning, I was thinking about green grass and how do you make a good lawn.

You might think you do it by pulling weeds. You don't. You build a great lawn by nurturing the grass that you want. As the grass that you want gets stronger and stronger, it chokes out everything else. Spending your time pulling weeds is counterproductive. You can't keep up with them anyway. Spending your time feeding, watering and manicuring the "good stuff" is what brings the best results.

Likewise, there are those who will tell you that you can build healthy relationships by weeding. That's not quite how it works. Feed what you want to grow and the "good stuff" won't leave room for anything else. If you aren't getting what I'm saying, I'm suggesting that you spend more time nurturing what you appreciate about the woman you love and bring more life to that stuff. Focus less on the bad and the good will grow. Then you can enjoy the field you're in a little more.


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