"5 Things to Communicate to the Man in Your Life Everyday"

"The wise woman builds her house,
But the foolish tears it down with her own hands." ~Proverbs 14:1

I touched on "5 Things to Communicate to the Woman in Your Life" in my previous blog.  Please check it out and leave some comments if some hit home with you!  Today we look at the other side of the equation.  In fact, here's a treat.  After the previous blog, a friend sent me a list of things we should never say to a loved one.  I thought it was pretty good, too.  The bottom line is this: our tongues have the ability to build up or destroy.   Here are some ways a wise women uses her tongue.  She is eager to let him know in words and deeds...

1.  "I respect you."  If given the choice between having your respect and your love, studies have shown that most men will choose your respect.  For women, loving is natural.  This is the one that requires effort.  That's why the Bible speaks to it so often for women.

2. "I trust you completely."  This is kind of an extension of the other, but somewhat different because these words will inspire men to lead with confidence.  Feeling like your direction will be followed is very empowering and humbling.  It makes you want to be a better man. 

3. "I believe in you."  If you're called to be with a man, you have to learn how to undergird his vision and partner with him in it.  You can't do this if you don't believe in him.  He needs to know you're in his corner.  You're often his reason for laboring.

4. "I celebrate you."  Praise the behavior you want to see manifested.  Men have very sensitive egos.  More so than women, for sure.  Wise women build up their households by not being afraid to build up their men.  I've actually heard (FOOLISH) women say they don't praise their man because they don't want him to think too much of himself.  How stupid can you get?

5. "I am totally yours."  This will make any man do almost anything for you.  Seriously.  Very few things stir a man's blood like knowing that the woman in his life is completely sold out to him and him alone.  That's real power!

What a lot of my sisters don't realize (ducking behind a couch for protection as I write this) is God gives you full license to pour every bit of the admiration, respect and deference you have for Jesus into your husband. In fact, He tells you to do so.



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