Learning to Be Honest About Who You Are... a very challenging thing at times. It's a challenge I thought I'd beaten 100% until I discovered that there is more inside me than I thought (and I think pretty highly of myself at times). Now I'm finding myself looking in the mirror (again) and being challenged (again) to find a higher level in life. The truth is I've been selling myself and severely undervaluing myself.  I can see that now.

But how about you?  How honest are you about who you are and what you are?  How honest are you about where you want to be in life?  That's the first step towards walking in the peace and fulfillment you want.  Honesty.  Then you can start taking steps towards the life you want - that you were meant to live - but it can't happen until you come face-to-face with YOU and accept who you are.

Realize, too, that where you are isn't where you have to remain.  But reaching any destination first begins with figuring out where you are.

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