Do We Want Too Much?

If I were more brave, this is the blog I would write so I will just imagine that I'm as brave as that and keep typing...

 Here's the thing. I feel like it is absolutely 100% inevitable that I will either sooner or later disappoint either my girlfriend or (if so blessed one day) my wife. A part of me feels like we're dealing with a generation of people who can't be happy. I think many men agree with me whether they will admit it or not.  It seems like the shine of new relationships wear off so fast and then everyone if off looking for the next new thing.

That is quite sobering.  You see, I realize that the #1 reason for divorce (women do the filing anywhere from 66% to 90% of the time depending on who you believe) is plain old dissatisfaction.  It becomes terrifying.  Things like infidelity and physical violence are never listed as top reasons among scientific studies.  The most common reasons given by women usually come down to either dissatisfaction or the feeling that she simply outgrew him.

So this is a post to pose a question: Do we want too much?  Can we be satisfied by partners who are real humans and, therefore, far less than perfect?  Even if you're faithful and peaceful, it seems like only a matter of time before you will come up very short.

What do we do?  Can we increase satisfaction somehow or do we just have to do better and wish for the best?  Talk to me!

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