Wanted: Men Who Walk Their Talk

From my point of view, I see a lot of women (and men) satisfied when a man says he is "spiritual" when asked about his faith. To me, that's just code for "Stop asking me questions!!"  Unfortunately, a lot of women become mislead spiritually, relationally and otherwise.  I think there are 10 evidences that a man is walking his talk:

1 - "Spirituality" isn't good enough for him. He studies and knows doctrines, scriptures and some church history.

2 - He is consistent in his walk not always needing to "get back into it" every few weeks or months.

3 - He attends fellowships, churches and/or bible studies regularly. There is no magic number, place or format, but there should be somewhere he isn't a complete stranger!

4. He gives. Money, not just platitudes. Time, not just intentions. His talents, not just his opinions.

5. He reads the Bible. How do you know? Scripture enters his conversations at least time to time.

6. He prays. How can you tell? He doesn't complain about everything that bothers him because he's already laid some of them at the altar.

7. He praises. He doesn't take credit for everything good in his life. He's thankful and grateful knowing he is a recipient of amazing grace.

8. He sows into others' lives. There is someone whose life is better because he's in it regardless of what he can get from them. In fact, better if he can't receive anything from them at all.

9. He repents. He might not say he's sorry. That's not real repentance anyway. Real repentance is evidenced by changed behaviors. Not all. Not overnight. But SOMETHING for goodness sake!

10. He is willing to take responsibility for your spiritual maturity. Does he help lead you into the things of God or away from them?

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