The Achieve ANYTHING Formula © - Part 2 of 7: Vision

If you have a big dream, it's been placed on your heart by a big God! Our first task lesson in The Achieve ANYTHING Formula © is to get you to resurrect your vision!

Let me show you something that has really inspired me to make a global impact. This is a guy, just called Matt, who was basically a deadbeat (his words) and his friend decided to record him dancing in front of different places of interest as they traveled. The dancing was bad. Very bad. (Again, his words!) Yet people began to notice and want more. I think it was because he was following his passion and having so much fun doing it.

"Catch on fire with enthusiasm and people will come for miles to watch you burn." ~John Wesley

So, Matt, took his vision of traveling the globe and pursued it with so much enthusiasm that EVERYONE noticed - especially Visa and and life was never the same for him again. His job for the next several years would be to travel, dance and meet people from all over the world!

So here's your first assignment. Take out a sheet of paper, your journal, a napkin and write down what you want out of life. I call this making your Life List. Some people call it a Bucket List or other names. It's important that you write them down and it's just as important that they are big, driving and emotional for you. You need to write until you can see them and feel what having it would mean to your life.

A few hints: (1) They will NOT be mostly monetary, (2) They should be about much more than yourself or it probably isn't real and (3) If you can't get emotional about it, it isn't your dream. There should be something that makes you angry or joyful as you look around the world. I think those are huge clues as to why you're here!

So get to work dreaming again, WRITE THEM DOWN and in the next couple of videos we'll get down to more specifics about what to do next.

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Great Mark. I believe everyone has a story. Just to see that video on a commercial you'd automatically thing he was hired or was a paid actor. I've made my list and am looking forward to the next steps. I'm little behind I'm sure. Thanks so much for you passion for teaching and learning.

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