Stories Sell!

All good stories have the same elements: (1) a hero (2) the hero's driving desire (3) a big obstacle or opponent and (4) resolution (either happy or tragic). That's it. That's all. If the resolution is happy, it's considered a comedy. If the resolution is sad, it's considered a drama.

You will be more effective as you get better an better at telling stories and incorporating them into your work and speech.

"Facts are forgotten, but stories are remembered and retold." ~Jeffrey Gitomer 

Stories also "sell" better than facts. So consider how strong you are (or aren't) at telling stories, check the list above for whether you do a good job of outlining your story in your mind before you share it, and practice, practice, practice. It will pay off for you!

Here are more tips on how to getting better at story-telling.  At the end of the day, it's mostly about practice, practice, practice.

To your success!


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