The Achieve ANYTHING Formula © - Part 3 of 7: Hope

In the previous video in this series, I talked about reawakening vision in your life.  Today, we're discussing hope.  As you watch the video, I want you to make some notes and follow along with my thinking.  In case you miss them (or just prefer to read!) here are my main points.  But I still hope you will watch the video so I can explain them to you further!

#1 - Hoping is not wishing.  

#2 - To Achieve you must believe.

#3 - You will live in the house you dream about.

#4 - Your words shape your life. 

#5 - You must spend time with hopeful people.

Now here's the next video.  Enjoy!

Here's an action item for you. Make a vision board to help keep vibrant images of your future self and life in front of you! These really help remind you of some of the rewards for which you're working. Keeping your eyes focused on the greater things ahead of you truly works and helps you endure challenges!

Finally, I am giving you permission to go for your desires!! I am giving you permission to go for your big dreams; they were given to you by a big God! Download a copy of your permission slip here!  Then print it out, fill it out and post it somewhere you will see it everyday!

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