25 Skills Everyone Should Know

A friend of mine had a Facebook post that made me think. She said, we teach children how to read, write, drive, etc. but what are some skills every adult should master? So I posted this as a question on my page and got a flood of great comments.  I was blown away.  Also, it made me start looking at my life and some things I still feel like I need to learn.  I mean, are you really "manly" if you don't know how to trap, clean and cook your own food if you have to do it?

I don't want to get too heavy into what is the definition of a man, but I feel safe in saying most of us grow into adulthood without some basic skills we should have.  Maybe it's because we grow up apart from aunts and uncles so often these days?  Maybe dad isn't around to teach us?  Who knows?  Either way, I think I've got some things to learn and do in the next year!

Here's my list after thinking about it for a minute:

1. Change a tire and use jumper cables.
2. Forgive and accept criticism with grace.
3. Order a wine.
4. Prepare and cool a meal from scratch.
5. Shoot a gun.
6. Tie a necktie.
7. Wash a load of clothes.
8. Balance a checkbook and write a check.
9. Tell a funny joke.
10. Perform CPR
11. Catch and clean a fish.
12. Give a good massage.
13. Replace a missing button.
14. Parallel park a car.
15. Play chess.
16. Shine your shoes.
17. Swim.
18. Buy a suit, proper dress shoes and iron your own shirt.
19. Read your credit report.
20. Pray.
21. Negotiate a better deal.
22. Start a fire without a match.
23. Make a proper introduction, of themselves, and others in a social setting.
24. Properly place and use silverware.
25. Plant and grow your own food.

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Some other great submissions that came from my Facebook friends...

  • Write & address a letter.
  • Tie a knot.
  • Use basic tools (hammer, nail, nuts & bolts, screwdrivers, pliers, the most basic wrenches, etc.).
  • Walk, speak, look people in the eye, give a firm handshake, and listen.
  • Dance ballroom style.
  • Understand sports well enough to enjoy a game with friends.
  • Be content.
  • Trap and cook a meal.

I am almost thinking there ought to be a class or two where people can come together and learn some of this stuff in a day without being judged.  Would you attend such a class if I put one together?  Anything else? What would you add to this list of essential skills for life? Let me know in the comments!

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