Bathing My Hopes in Prayer

I am determined to get everything God has for me! You just reach a point where you know in your bones it's time to go to another level. Some people HATE talking about "levels" but it is what it is. Call it how you want it, but I believe you can feel when it's time to graduate to new challenges, new experiences, new associations, new happiness and all the rest of it.

That's where I am today. I'm writing this at about 3:30 AM on Christmas morning because I just finished praying and I am filled. My church (I prefer the term "faith family" but then most people wouldn't know what the heck I was talking about!) just concluded a season of fasting and prayer where we were challenged to pray every three hours around the clock for four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas along with having some eating restrictions. I felt like my season for focused prayer wasn't quite over. So I continue...

I am asking the Lord for more clarity, more open doors, more favor, more wisdom and more diligence in my journey. I can feel the season of my life changing. I am happy for what the next chapter of my life has for me. It's that nervous kind of anticipation you used to have before the first day of school on your first day of high school. That's how I feel right now. Confident, but nervously excited about the future.

And I am going to continue to bathe all my hopes and dreams in prayer and life-giving speech until they are fully birthed.  I know that we are to co-labor with the Lord.  You pray and then you work.  But when your work is guided by God's direction through prayer, how powerful!

My hope is that I'll be writing a similar blog around next year at this time!  When it's time to go to another level... again!

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