Quit Quitting!

I love this graphic because so often quitting is about the same as hurting yourself in an attempt to hurt somebody else!  It is both funny and tragic how often the advice people give is "QUIT!" these days when they see someone facing challenges.  If you stop and think about it, running has never solved many of your problems. When you run, you bring your issues with you. When you take your time and deal with your problems, they stay dealt with.

If you are facing intense challenges and every instinct says "LEAVE!" check yourself and get some wise counsel first. WISE counsel. I try to surround myself with people who instead answer "Be encouraged!", "Hang in there!", "I'll pray with you." or things like that.

Quitting is a spirit. It doesn't live here where I am. The "Spirit of Quit" has infected America, but I'm free of it and will never be bound!  Again, I'm not saying you should stubbornly stay involved in every relationship, job or situation you're in.  To paraphrase my pastor, Thaddeus Eastland, I'm not saying don't leave.  I'm saying don't run!

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