The Tragic Death of Duty

We were a better nation, a better people, when duty mattered. But duty is dying.

Duty has been replaced by a subtle kind of hedonism that doesn't look debauched but has about the same impact on our world - hordes of people caring little about their tomorrows or anyone else's. The quote about is a prime example of this modern moral. "If if makes you happy, do it. If it doesn't, then don't" Unfortunately, a lot of people believe this garbage and the evidence of it's ethical emptiness are all around us.

"I'm not going to stay with my wife.  She doesn't make me happy!"

"I'm not going to save money for college for my children.  Shopping makes me happy!"

"I'm not going to attend that church.  They don't make me happy!"

I still can't figure out when "happiness" became the most important human ethic worth pursuing.  But, apparently, it is for many people.  Instead, duty says "I'll do it because they need me to do it" or "They will be better off if I stay.  It's about them right now."  Duty is about treating others as if they are more important than yourself.  Duty is acting out of a sense of obligation over pursuing your own pleasure.  Duty is a good thing.

Duty makes men great and men operating out of a sense of duty make the world great.  We can't let duty die.

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