5 Ways to Recharge Your Batteries

Everyone feels run down from time to time. That's normal. Burnout occurs when you don't recharge. That's not good at all.  I was in that place coming into the week.  Just tired and feeling like I needed a little break.  If you stay in that place too long, it can lead to feelings of depression.  Unfortunately, I know that, too, by experience.

Even more, I think it's important to come into a new year with a full tank of gas in your tank.  If you're feeling a little depleted coming out of the last couple of holidays, here are some excellent ways to recharge...

1. Help somebody else with their problems.  I've found one of the best ways to get refreshed is to focus on refreshing somebody else.  Sometimes you're feeling run down because you're focused only on your world and your own challenges.  Get outside of yourself.

2. Travel.  See the world through different eyes.  You don't need an airplane to do this.  Drive to work by a different path.  Explore neighborhoods you've never visited within your own city.  Eat at a new restaurant.  There are tons of ways to broaden your perspective.  I find that when I do this, I always get new energy!

3. Get some new ideas.  Invite somebody you don't know very well to breakfast or coffee for conversation.  Ask them questions.  Listen.  It can shock your senses!  Reading does this, too, but I suggest getting some good old-fashioned interpersonal time with someone when you're feeling out of sorts.  I'll grant you this: If you need to retreat and get away from people, do that.  But that isn't the only option.

4. Sleep.  Americans don't sleep.  That is a big part of our problems.  We don't rest.  We don't understand the value of taking time off.  We (falsely) think pressing our bodies through all the warning signs is wise living.  It isn't.  Not close.  Make a habit of unplugging from social media, telephones, televisions and sleep.  I couldn't write a blog about being refreshed without mentioning sleep could I?  Have I beaten this point to death yet?  Take a nap!

5. Fast and pray.  I always come out of seasons of fasting looking at life differently and ready to go forward full steam ahead!!  Google the benefits of fasting.  I run across a lot of people who've never done it before.  If that is you, you are missing out!  The spiritual benefits are the most important to me.  The physical benefits are many, as well.  Honestly, it's a mind, body and soul thing.  All of "you" will be better for it.

What are your best ways to recharge? Let me know below!

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