How to Be a Woman Worth Finding Pre-Order!!!

I am releasing this in conjunction with my next HUGE "Be Worth Finding" Conference Call and I wanted to give you a chance to pre-order now at a special offer price of just $4!!!  The regular price is $10 but all of my friends and supporters here can get ahead of the crowds and take advantage of this price.  I am only doing this for a short time for sure!

(By the way, you can learn more about this awesome LIVE conference call by CLICKING THIS LINK and then REGISTERING HERE for instructions for joining the broadcast!)

This is the most common question I get by far!  "Mark, what is a good woman?  What does she look like?  How does she act?  How can I become a woman worth finding?"  I knew the best way to answer this question for you was to put together a complete teaching on it, so that's what I've done!  I will show you what men of God are looking for and look at it all through the best lens of all - the Word of God!

Be warned!  This program will challenge you!  Don't listen to it unless you want to change!  Don't listen unless you want to be more blessed in your relationships!  I want you to pre-order NOW via PayPal.  It only takes a moment.  I am asking you to do this because I want you help getting the word out to the world as soon as we complete our upcoming broadcast.  Here's the link again:

Now, I have to say that if you haven't purchased your copy of my other audio teaching, "10 Things to Consider About a Man" you really need to get that, too!  It will bless you and help you learn what a real man of God looks like, acts like and talks like!  Check this LINK!

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